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Date of Death
Place Name

Stone Condition: Damaged, Tilted Material: Sandstone Height: 1.7 Breadth: 0.88 Depth: 0.29 Inscription Condition: Badly Eroded Inscription Technique: Incised Mason: R. Gray Pre 1855 no. N/A ( What's this? )

Monument Inscription


[W]HO DIED [1 ]

Family History

This elaborate monument, commissioned possibly by a wealthy patron, has unfortunately been unable to stand the ravages of time and weather.

Carved from local whinstone, the face of the stone has separated from the body to such a degree that virtually all the inscription has been lost. From the design of and decoration on the stone it would indicate its construction date to be during the nineteenth century.

The identity of the person or persons interred under its protection will not be ascertained by examination of the monument alone.