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Date of Death
Place Name

Stone Condition: Sound Material: Sandstone Length: 2.24 Breadth: 1.2 Depth: 0.07 Inscription Condition: Eroded Inscription Technique: Incised Mason: Not known Pre 1855 no. 84 ( What's this? )

Monument Inscription

Has no inscription

Family History

This large and much worn flat stone presently lies on the path surrounding the south facing wall of the church at Mearns. It has been in use over many years as a flagstone for worshippers entering the original door of the church.

The stone has all the signs of being of very old manufacture, by virtue of its large size and embellishments. Although no trace of any inscriptions can be identified, there is at one end of the stone an oblong shape surrounded by a more faintly raised circle. The significance of these appendages is unexplained but would have undoubtedly have been of some importance to the creator of the stone, as the work necessary to create these shapes would have been considerable.

Considering that both the oblong and circle are an integral part of the stone and are raised well above the surface of the rest of the stone, this would indicate that a great deal of the fabric of the original stone slab would have had to be removed to allow these shapes to protrude.

A mysterious stone waiting to be identified.